Marjorie McLennon, Owner & Director

Marjorie McLennon

I’m Marjorie McLennon  and welcome to Bright Starts Educational Daycare, LLC.

We are enthused about providing high quality education and daycare services to our
children in our neighborhood. It is our desire to parent with the family in nurturing the whole
child in the areas of intellectual, physical, emotional social and spiritual development. Our
enthusiastic staff will assist and direct age appropriate activities , supporting our curriculum
units of study designed to explore and develop a child’s interests, talents and God – given
potential. Our hope is to develop enthusiastic learners, as we help to build the foundation for
life – long learning.
Thank you for entrusting your child to us at Bright Starts Educational Daycare We care
about your child early education experiences and dear to provide the necessary program that
will facilitate that. We prayerfully look forward to a wonderful year of making memories as
we learn, explore and grow together.
May the Dear Lord continues to bless and keep you and your family.

Marjorie McLennon


  1. MBCJune 18, 2018

    Thank you for helping my daughter to read and spell her full name at the tender age of three. You are a gift to any parent. -MBC, Washington DC

  2. Doris E.September 14, 2018

    Great quality care you can count on for your kids! Mrs McLennon is very passionate and dedicated to providing a very safe and nurturing environment for the kids. She has taken care of all three of my kids for the past couple of years. She is very professional and I greatly recommend her!

    Doris E.

  3. Grace DansoSeptember 15, 2018

    God bless you. She was truly influential in helping my son develop a love for learning. Was it not for her determination I do not believe my Eli would be the scholar he is today. Highly recommended.


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